Search Process

This is how we help you to identify and hire the best fit for your team. Walk through our search process to find out what the client experience is like when we partner with you. 

Starting Your Search

As we introduce ourselves to you, we learn about you and your organization, having initial dialog about the position you are seeking to fill. We also tell you about who we are and how we work. When you engage us, we will execute a professional services agreement which outlines terms and expectations. To begin the process, we will have a search kick-off call with the hiring manager and other team members to dig deep into the requirements for the position. If you have a position description, we will review it and provide feedback. If you do not have one, we will craft one with you.

Research and Recruiting

We review the position requirements and tap our extensive resources to source the most qualified potential candidates for the role. We contact prospective candidates to discover if their skills and experience are on point for the position and to gauge their interest. If a potential candidate appears to fit your needs, and the role seems like an advantageous opportunity for that person, we conduct an extensive interview to begin delving into all of the nuances of the position in correlation with the candidate’s experience, career aspirations, motivations to make a change, soft skills, and other criteria.

Assessment and Submission

As we recruit and conduct in-depth interviews, we assess each person’s skills, experience and compensation expectations in relation to the position (see Focused on the Fit®) and gather feedback to provide you with market intelligence. Together, we discuss and finalize the slate of candidates who appear to be the best fit for your position and for whom the role and your culture seem to be the most beneficial career match. We obtain written permission from candidates to submit their materials and verify their law degree and active bar admissions.


We offer advice on techniques to help you capitalize on your time with the candidates and suggest ways to help you put your organization and the opportunity in the best light. We know that interviewing is not your profession, and we are happy to assist. Depending on your preference, you will interview virtually or in-person to determine which candidates are a best fit. After you conduct interviews, we will debrief to discuss them. The candidates also will debrief with us, and we will share their feedback with you.

Extending an Offer

As you prepare to make an offer to the candidate whom you feel is the best fit for the position and your organization, we share insight and answer any lingering questions. If requested, we provide written references for the candidate. Once the offer is accepted, we support the individual through the resignation process with their current employer. We also advise on any background checks or testing that must be done before resignation and assist in establishing a start date.


We assist you with the new hire’s transition, helping to work through any last onboarding details. Our partnership with you and our support of your new hire does not end on their start date. We follow up with you routinely to hear how things are going, to offer advice, and to obtain feedback. We anticipate that your new hire will become a vital part of your team for the long term.

Partner With Us

We understand that hiring is challenging. Let us focus on finding the next fit for your team.

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