Law Firm Recruiting

We are engaged to recruit partners and groups or to facilitate firm mergers.

We recruit on position-specific searches within established departments or on a broader scale to assist with complex talent acquisition strategy and team building. Example engagements include:
  • Lateral Partner Recruiting
  • Practice Group Acquisitions
  • Firm Mergers
  • Practice Group Development
  • Market Research / Competitive Analysis
  • Consulting

Why engage CLS?

We conduct retained and exclusive searches that allow us to be a dedicated, non-biased hiring partner throughout the search process, working doggedly on your behalf to find the best fit for your team and being a trusted advocate for the firm. Whether we are engaged in high-profile lateral partner assignments, group moves, new office openings or law firm mergers, we provide a full spectrum of recruiting services.

Engage CLS

Carpenter Legal Search does an excellent job of knowing its clients. This enables CLS to sell the position within your company in a less biased fashion than you can do on your own. They are also very good at weeding out the best candidates and not having you interview numerous candidates that do not meet the needs of the organization. CLS knows the market and can speak about different opportunities with specificity.

CLS works not just with law firms and legal departments, but with people. The team is very good at determining a best fit based on personalities and cultures. They take the time to know the parties. That means both the firm and the candidate. No two employers are the same, and neither are the candidates. Just throwing two parties together does not add value. Instead, it simply wastes time, and one thing no one wants is to waste their time. CLS does an excellent job matching candidates to openings and saving all parties time and effort. That is value added.

- Michael H. Syme, Office Managing Partner, Pittsburgh, Fox Rothschild LLP

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We understand that hiring is challenging. Let us focus on finding the next fit for your team.

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