In-House Recruiting

We are retained to identify the best talent for your legal team.

We are engaged to recruit on position-specific searches within established groups or on a broader scale to assist with complex talent acquisition strategy and team building. Example engagements include:
  • Recruiting Chief Legal Officer (CLO), General Counsel (GC), Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), Deputy General Counsel, Chief Counsel, Division Counsel, Managing Counsel, Associate General Counsel, Assistant General Counsel, Senior Counsel, Counsel
  • Establishing New Legal Departments
  • Conducting Market Research / Competitive Analysis
  • Consulting

Why retained search?

You are paid for your time and expertise. So are we. We are retained to conduct searches that are comprised of a full spectrum of recruiting services. The search process includes presenting a slate of viable candidates from which a client is able to hire, but that is not the only service provided. Working on retainer allows us to be a dedicated, non-biased hiring partner throughout the search process, working doggedly on your behalf to find the best fit for your team.

Retain CLS

Perhaps the biggest challenge in filling a general counsel role is wading through a sea of candidates and finding the person whose natural attributes and instincts best align with the culture and needs of the company. Lori is second to none in both finding the best pool of candidates and working through a process of discernment to achieve the perfect fit of candidate and company. Sometimes, a company needs a lawyer who will be a steady hand during chaotic times. Sometimes, a company needs a lawyer who will challenge assumptions and help the company reinvent itself. Lori works to understand a company’s culture, its strengths, and its challenges. Her deep experience has endowed her with a keen instinct for distinguishing between stated culture and real culture, and this very same instinct allows her to accurately assess the same gap on the candidate side.

Finally, Lori has a natural ability to connect with people in all industries and from all walks of life. She is the rare person who isn’t intimidated by and doesn’t condescend to anyone. She’s both confident and humble. These attributes allow her to cut through the surface reality that companies and candidates alike show to the world, to get to know the reality of who they are, and to recommend connections based on that reality. There isn’t a better recruiter operating in the legal search space today.

- R. Christopher Anderson, General Counsel, Robindale Energy Services, Inc.

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We understand that hiring is challenging. Let us focus on finding the next fit for your team.

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