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Learn what being "focused on the fit" means and discover the importance of our approach in our search and recruitment process. 

The employer-employee relationship is like all other relationships in that it is an intentional meshing of experience, skills, and personal qualities to create a larger, more comprehensive entity that is better suited to solve problems, to share accomplishments and to thrive. 

Each relationship, and its strengths and challenges, is different, and each requires different nuances of communication, learning, and other soft skills to keep the bond, and the benefits derived therefrom, strong. Anyone who has worked on a team could very easily vouch for the value of complementary skills and emotional intelligence.

As legal recruiters, we may start with what is on paper to begin to assess if someone has the right skill sets for a position, but we know that finding just the right fit for any legal team extends beyond experience alone and can very much depend on the extensive development of certain soft skills that are specifically required for the position or generally are desired by the corporation or law firm.

Sometimes, the essence of the person wanted for a position may be hard to define. For example, we might receive a request from a client stating, “We need someone who engenders trust from the Board right out of the gate.” The solution to what engenders trust for that organization’s Board may be complex and not as easily derived as the solution for another client who requests something more task-oriented such as, “We need someone who can draft a commercial real estate lease for a large retail chain.”

For us, this is where the rubber meets the road. We are focused on the fit® throughout the search process, delving into the complexities of what is required as a whole in each working relationship so that our client can make a solid addition to their team and the new hire has the greatest opportunity for success.

Carpenter Legal Search conducts a robust and insightful assessment process which benefits not only the engaging employer, but also the candidate seeking employment. The search process ensures that the ultimate job placement is an appropriate fit for all parties involved. It truly feels like the team at Carpenter Legal Search has everyone’s best interest in mind at all stages of the recruitment process. Lori was exceptional at facilitating and navigating communication between me and my prospective employer.

- J. Ramy Nubani, Associate General Counsel, The Hillman Company

I am deeply appreciative of the expert guidance and unwavering support I received from Carpenter Legal Search during my transition in-house. They have cultivated robust relationships with key players in the legal industry, both with firms and companies, over their many years in the business. This expansive network enabled them to provide helpful background and context during my search. Their keen understanding of how my experience could be a fit with my target position was invaluable, and the commitment, professionalism, and personal attention that Carpenter offered throughout the recruitment process were unparalleled. They went above and beyond to provide insightful advice and effectively guide me towards securing my current role.

- Benjamin T. Verney, Senior Counsel, CNX Resources Corporation

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