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What are your hiring resolutions for 2024?

What are your hiring resolutions for 2024?
While working on budgets for the coming new year, as we all know, one of the top considerations for future planning is investing in a strong, cohesive team. The questions are asked: Where do we need more support? What hires would allow our group to be more efficient and effective? What are our hiring challenges? When does it make sense to start recruiting for these positions? For some growing clients, it might be time to build a legal department from the ground up or to hire their first General Counsel into the C-Suite. 

As we get midway into December, we have started to dialog with many of our clients, helping them to plan their legal recruiting strategy and to set hiring markers for 2024. Many of these clients have been working with us for years, building their legal departments one strong hire at a time and earning such recognitions as “America’s Most Responsible Companies,” “Best Companies to Work For,” “Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces,” and “100 Best Workplaces for Innovators.” We are very proud to be retained as an extension of the legal and human resources hiring teams at these front-running, reputable companies. 

If bolstering the ranks of the legal department is one of your priorities as we head into 2024, and you are ready to partner with a trusted, experienced legal recruiting firm to help you to navigate the market and overcome challenges to find the best talent, visit the Client Experience section on our website to learn more about our detailed and comprehensive search process, to find out how we are focused on the fit® so that new team members have the greatest chance to succeed, and to tell us more about your hiring needs.

We look forward to hearing from you and to working with you in 2024!


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